We wanted a symbol.

For this first run of all new corporate swag we went looking for a symbol. Something that we felt would  represent who we are, how we got here, and what we strive to be (no small feat). We went searching for an icon that would let not only others know - but would serve as a reminder to each of us what we’re made of and why we’re here.

This is where we ended up...

The name diamond is derived from the Greek word adamas, which translates to “unconquerable.”

How to make a diamond

1 billion years

100 million

2,200 F

725,000 lbs/sq in.

The way diamonds are produced - the use for building, crafting, and industry - their durability - their rarity -their luster - their endurance - every bit of the story felt like our own.

Crafted and tested over time, rare - prized - valuable, and thriving under pressure and heat. That’s us. That’s who we are. Ergo, the diamond felt like a natural icon for the first lines of our own story.












It’s not just about the gem itself. A diamond’s brilliance comes from the way light passes through and/or is refracted between its facets. If those planes are out of alignment or not working together in perfect organization the diamond suffers...

Individually a diamond is incredibly special, but each one is also the sum of individual angles working in concert.

See what we're getting at?

Answer: Teamwork

Cutting and refining

Diamond cutting is an art, skill and, increasingly, a science. When the goal is to change a rough stone into a faceted gem you need specialized knowledge, tools, and equipment. It’s no different when building a platform or a team. We are a work in progress, but the end-game is invaluable.

Rough rock





And remember...

No pressure, no diamonds.

- Thomas Carlyle