TV Viewership Data Processing

Monetize your data assets with our privacy-compliant, secure data processing platform optimized for efficiency.

Discover New Ways To Monetize Your Data Assets by Making Them Actionable for the Media and Marketing Industries

We cleanse and normalize your anonymized data, blending it to ensure coverage across multiple DMAs and de-risking it for use across the media and marketing industries in compliance with strict privacy controls, the Cable Act and the Video Privacy Protection Act (VPPA).


  • Incremental Revenue
  • Outsource Operational Expense
  • No PII Data
  • Automated Nightly Processing
  • Multi-step Validation
  • Flexible Segmentation

Get Actionable Insights From our Unrivaled Data Scientists

Leverage our proven team, data expertise, and unique analytics approach to better understand your subscriber base, intelligently package your audience, and optimize both pricing and performance to ultimately increase yield.

Increase Monetization With Advanced Market Use Cases

Working closely with market partners, we develop new use cases that drive increased demand for use of your data assets, and then enable that usage within your guidelines.

Leverage Our Unique Expertise

Our data division has significant experience in the processing and use of ACR and set-top box viewership data, and associated data sets, for planning, optimizing and measuring advertising and other market use cases. We are experts in big data design and development, skew correction and modelling, and all facets of advertising application design and development.

Benefit From our Secure, Centralized Platform

We will manage ingestion, cleansing, processing, storage and publishing of your anonymized TV viewership data in a common data format that makes it available and actionable in market.

  • Rapid processing times: capacity scales dynamically as data volume grows
  • Full privacy compliance with no personally identifiable data (PII) stored
  • Multiple publishing/export methods:
    • Device and/or household level, multi-format datamart exports, ratings/share dashboards, etc.
    • Geographic slicing, date range filtering, sampling, etc.
    • Matching capabilities with multiple third-party data providers

Have Confidence That You Are in Full Compliance

No personally identifiable data (PII) is received or stored.