Succeeding in a Converged World of TV and Digital

Drive Desired Business Outcomes with Audience-Based Advertising


Advanced technology brings constant change in the way audiences discover and consume TV and digital content. Advertisers must evolve with this change if they want to stay ahead of the game. This guide is meant to educate advertisers on why taking an audience-based buying approach instead of a siloed, broad-based buying approach will ensure you are staying ahead, and why using an audience-based buying approach in tandem with a cross-screen platform will help you plan, measure and execute campaigns more efficiently, while optimizing toward business outcomes to maximize ROI.

VideoAmp has partnered with Ipsos in conducting a study.

The majority of these findings are based on VideoAmp’s 2019 State of the Industry survey, conducted in partnership with Ipsos.

We sought to better understand how publishers, marketers and agencies are tackling the convergence of traditional television and digital advertising.


A total of 300 completed interviews were collected via an online survey including 100 brands, 100 agencies and 100 publishers (known as sellers in this report).

Qualified respondents

Ages 18-65:
  • Live in the United States
  • Are employed full-time, part-time or self employed
  • Are involved in the buying, planning or selling of media within their company
Work for:
  • A brand
  • A media buying or planning agency or an agency holding company
  • A media company with primarily digital inventory
  • A media company with primarily TV (broadcast or cable inventory)
  • An MVPD

Evolving Beyond Broad-Based Tactics

Be the Brand with a Plan

Advertisers are increasingly challenged with how to effectively reach traditional TV viewers as well as cord cutters, cord trimmers and cord nevers at the right frequency.

When brands and agencies were asked “To what extent are your company’s TV and digital advertising efforts planned together?” the response revealed that the majority of brands and agencies continue to plan, measure and execute their TV and digital campaigns in silos; sequentially (digital supporting TV) or in parallel (not together).

A Diversified Investment Planning Approach

When brands and agencies were asked “How would you estimate the scale of demand from advertisers for audience-based buying of TV inventory?” results showed that 75% of buyers want to make audience-based decisions for both TV and digital.

However, when asked “When buying your investments for both TV and digital, which of the following statements best describes your company’s current approach?” results showed only 47% are using 1st-party data to inform both TV and digital planning, and 41% are using 3rd-party data to do the same.

Reaching the Right Audience

By harnessing the power of audience-based data over traditional broad-based age and gender methodologies, advertisers can reach more of their desired target audience on the right screens.

The Value of a Unified, Cross-Screen Approach

Effectively Plan and Measure Investments

When asked “How important is improving your ability to effectively plan and measure your investments across TV and digital?” results showed 76% of agencies and 57% of brands feel it is critical to improve their ability to plan and measure across TV and digital.

Agencies feel it is particularly critical to their competitive advantage due to most brands relying on their agencies to do effective cross-screen planning and measuring for them.

Both brands and agencies must make their cross- screen strategy a priority and align on goals, or risk falling behind the competition.

Performance Evaluation Factors

Another source of misalignment between brands and agencies is how they measure their ad performance.

When asked “How important are each of the following when evaluating performance?” brands revealed they care most about reaching the right audience (not easy in linear and OTT), while agencies care most about driving conversions (not easy outside of traditional digital environments).

It is more effective to measure performance against real business outcomes rather than how many eyes saw an ad.

Ensuring Efficient Reach & Frequency

The world of linear involves trusted, though broad-based measurement tactics that provide a comprehensive view of households and audiences across hundreds of linear channels.

The world of digital allows advertisers to target consumers where and when they consume content, making accuracy and frequency more important than scale.

By combining the best of both worlds, you get a unified, cross-screen approach, ensuring that the right consumers are viewing ads on the right screens and taking action.


Evolving Beyond
Broad-Based Tactics

A new ecosystem with several access points to view content, across all devices, at any time presents increasingly more challenges for advertisers by allowing consumers to view TV and digital content in a variety of ways. By continuing to plan, measure and execute in silos, against vanity metrics like age, gender and household, advertisers are limiting their ability to reach consumers.

The Value of a Unified,
Cross-Screen Approach

It is essential that advertisers look at their linear and digital audiences in tandem to gain a better understanding of which screens to target viewers and how often, in order to optimize against business outcomes. Taking a unified, cross-screen approach ensures you are reaching your target consumers, and that your ad dollars are being spent wisely and with purpose. VideoAmp takes a holistic, audience- based buying approach, using a unified, cross-screen platform built from the ground up to plan, measure and execute your campaigns for maximum results.

“M1, Merkle and other agencies come to VideoAmp to optimize their brand marketing investments, whether it’s to optimize against business outcomes like online, offline store, in-store and optimal frequency at the right reach or optimizing against their optimal targeted audience. This is the value of taking a holistic, unified cross-screen approach.”

Andy Fisher
Senior Vice President, Product Strategy
M1 – Merkle

The VideoAmp Advantage

Solutions Made to Measure

The VideoAmp Platform is purpose-built to set a new standard of how advertising is valued, transacted and sold. We help advertisers answer three questions across linear TV, OTT and digital: Where did your money go? How did it perform? What should you do next?

VideoAmp empowers advertisers and media owners to discover, amplify and analyze across their entire TV and digital video landscape to optimize their portfolio and maximize their return on investments.

Understand what your audiences are watching and how best to reach them.
Magnify your media investment with cross-screen and workflow optimization.
Assess your media investment against business outcomes and advanced audiences.

Optimize to Desired Business Outcomes

The VideoAmp Playbook

pre-campaign considerations
Establish a measurement framework defining optimization KPIs to drive business outcomes.
Define target audience with first- or third-party data and create profiles that align with KPIs.
Create baseline from historic media buys to explore new opportunities and create a holistic plan.
the plan and launch
Leverage the plan to activate cross-screen campaign execution.
Optimize on-target reach and frequency in-flight to align with KPIs and business outcomes.
campaign performance
Assess performance relative to the established measurement framework.
Validate the measurement framework by correlating KPIs to business outcomes.
Re-define new target audiences based on results to inform future initiatives.

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