TV Viewership Data Processing

Monetize your data assets with our privacy-compliant, secure data processing platform optimized for efficiency.

Monetize Your Data by Making it Actionable for Media & Marketing

We cleanse and normalize your anonymized data, blending it to ensure coverage across multiple DMAs and de-risking it for use across the media and marketing industries in compliance with strict privacy controls, the Cable Act and the Video Privacy Protection Act (VPPA).

Get Actionable Insights From our Unrivaled Data Scientists

Let our proven team, data expertise, and unique analytics approach help you better understand your subscriber base, intelligently package your audiences, and optimize pricing and performance to increase yield.

Increase Monetization With Advanced Market Use Cases

Working closely with market partners, we develop new use cases that drive increased demand for use of your data assets, and then enable that usage within your guidelines.

Leverage our Secure Platform

We ingest, cleanse, process, store, and publish your anonymized TV viewershp data in a common format that makes it available and actionable in market.

Have Confidence That You Are in Full Compliance

No personally identifiable data (PII) is received or stored.