TV Viewership Audiences

Use our privacy-compliant, TV viewership audiences to unify your digital and TV campaigns, powering engaging and effective advertising and maximizing return on ad spend.

Create Your TV Viewership Audience

Improve the efficacy of your TV and digital media campaign planning, activation and measurement to optimize your investment, increase return on ad spend, and get actionable audience insights for all future campaigns.

Put our Commingled TV Data to Work for You

Tap the power of both set-top box viewership and automatic content recognition (ACR) data from connected TVs and match it 1:1 to digital identities at the household level for more precise audience targeting across all environments.

Export Your Segments for Use Across Any Buying Platform

Bring your target audiences into your preferred platforms, including demand-side platforms (DSPs), data management platforms (DMPs), agency trading desks and data-driven linear or programmatic TV systems.