Why A TV Operating System?
Without One, You’re Working
Way Too Hard.

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Actually, They Watch Fallon On Their Phone, Not Kimmel In Their Living Room.

Want to reach 18-34-year-old women who like yoga and have been to your site?  Do you really KNOW what are they watching? In today’s digital ecosystem, gaining the attention of any customer is challenging. You are facing fragmentation, supply constraints and fraud /brand safety concerns on top of hitting your reach and frequency goals. You could do it without a system that automates all these concerns, but why do it the hard way?  Especially when our platform has amazing partners like these:

Connecting Linear & Digital At Scale

Accurate and Scalable Across Both Linear and Digital? Yes and Yes.

Custom built for the converging world is the only way to go. Combining a few sets of cross-channel data and connecting that to a buying platform is table stakes for ad tech. VideoAmp is neither a digital tool that is trying to appeal to the TV world nor a TV tool with a few digital gimmicks.

VideoAmp integrates both TV & digital viewership and ad exposure data within a single people-based graph. The VideoAmp TV operating system leverages the precision of digital-based audience segments into linear, and cross screen planning, buying and measurement.

A Better Workflow

Leave Excel for the Accountants.

Excel is versatile software to manipulate numbers and data from countless sources. But how much time is your team wasting formatting spreadsheets when you could be thinking of new and interesting ways of getting the attention of customers for your client?  And if you start to miss pivot tables, we can send you some data to play with.


We Think That a Panel of 50K Isn’t Good Enough.

With the seamless connection of linear and digital via the TV operating system, advertisers can now understand the performance of cross-screen initiatives in terms of the overall reach and frequency across the two environments.

Advertisers can use the VideoAmp TV operating system to pull de-duplicated, cross-screen reach & frequency on the fly, and subsequently optimize the initiative within the same user workflow, without pulling complicated SQL joins let alone pesky 4MB Excel spreadsheets.