Marketing used to be pretty simple.

It’s a pretty tricky keeping up
with audiences and consumers

How many hours are there
in the day again??

It’ starts out simple enough...

Ok... These are the important bits.

Oh! And these.

Eesh - almost forgot -

Damn - these too!

Ugh... So many inputs.

Uh oh!

Apparently too much -
We're losin; it!

Consumers are crossing
screens with ease

OMG where'd they go?!

Yup... This is getting

Now I'm just wasting money -

Ok. We've been measuring
the wrong things.

Eyeballs aren't enough.

We need a new paradigm.

It’s about the metrics that MAKE money.

Times have changed, and so
has the data.

Wish you had a guide??

Optimizing brand marketing
against business results.

Advertisers & Agencies

See where your media investment went, how it performed, and what to do next.

Media Owners & Distributors

See how your inventory is performing for advertisers, and how to improve it across all screens