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We Built The Coachella of TV and Video Data

You can’t fix video buying unless you fix how data interacts, models and mixes with one and other. Sensitive and private data has to be removed, valuable data has to be carefully extracted, each party has to compliant in the process. We’ve built the best data infrastructure possible for the sole reason that it needed to be done.

    • Remove the need for tedious and complex excel workflows to manage inventory
    • Invoke the power of math. Use data science methods to improve optimization, increasing positive outcomes
    • Remove the need to transport data to another platform to make it useful in buying or planning
    • Remove uncertainty of measurement, measure the actions that people take on their devices (as opposed to panel data that represents an audience of people that might have a phone that is somewhat likely to have existed)

Adaptable and Nimble Process and Workflow

Keep Up With Consumer Viewing Habits?  Yeah, It’s Really Happening.

Brands, agencies and TV programmers have begun to harness the power of 1st party data via marketing clouds, past sales, and location data from trusted sources.

VideoAmp gives brands and their agencies the opportunity to use data across their full spectrum of video opportunities, digital, scatter and upfronts.  Find out where media is needed to achieve goals across product lines, company divisions and down to the last impression delivered.

More Data, More Insights

Billions of Possibilities. Without VLOOKUPS.

With first-to-market API integrations and advanced measurement capabilities across linear, OTT and digital ecosystems, VideoAmp gives you the power to unlock the insights to efficiently create a holistic media plan and then seamlessly push to execute. Teams can focus on more ways to get a message to market without screaming “WTF?! Circular logic?” Copy/paste slips and human errors may just be a thing that other people have to worry about from now on.


Private Marketplaces, Private Deals, Private Rooms.

VideoAmp is partnering with leading cable networks, broadcast networks and TV sell-side platforms to automate the process of finding the most premium inventory for special clientele.  VideoAmp makes the reservation, utilization and transactions less awkward and more professional for all.