Smart TV
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Advanced TV Planning

Our Advanced TV planning platform gives advertisers the data they need to holistically plan and optimize linear TV investment in a streamlined, easy-to-use workflow

Plan Linear TV With Pertinent Data, Not Proxies

Go beyond age and gender by leveraging rich first- and third-party data sources to analyze historical viewership and plan new linear TV buys; optimize reach against behavioral characteristics like conversions or location-based visitation.

Automate Workflow in a Streamlined User Interface

Free your team to do higher order tasks and avoid manual errors; easily get trackable and transparent performance reporting.

Outsmart the Stack-Rank
Status Quo

Surpass client expectations and extend the effectiveness of your expertise using algorithmic optimization, instead of simple stack ranking, to deliver more GRPs against the audiences you want, without raising costs.

Our Intuitive, Point-and-Click Software Makes It Easy To…

  • Identify the ideal list of programs, networks, and dayparts to negotiate for each client during upfronts based on real data across dozens of scenarios and audiences
  • Combine set-top box and smart TV viewership data sets in one place, for the first time anywhere
  • Create, test, and analyze multiple plans with real-time data in minutes
  • Optimize against any type of audience with the dexterity of digital