Marketing used to be pretty simple.

But then things
got complicated

Turns out we've been measuring
the wrong thing all along

And now it’s pretty rough
for everyone involved.

Reaching the right person
at the right time across all
screens sounds smart....
it turns out to be data science
genius level 7 smart.

It's not about ratings, it's about business results

VideoAmp is challenging the paradigm of how brand marketing is valued, bought, and sold.

We believe that when brand marketing investment is mapped to business results -- such as in-store visits, online conversions, and sales lift -- everyone wins: marketers, media owners, and consumers.

Advertisers & Agencies

See where your media investment went, how it performed, and what to do next.

Media Owners & Distributors

See how your inventory is performing for advertisers, and how to improve it across all screens