It's Like The DSP You're
Already Using...Only Much,
Much Better.

Digital Overview

We Know Digital Video Better Than Kanye Knows Kanye.

A buying platform by any other name is still a DSP.  Everybody and their brother is pushing out a buy-side platform these days. But do they have a grasp of both digital and TV worlds with features and benefits for all involved? Our clients use VideoAmp because they want to connect across boundaries, push the envelope and usher in the future. If you would rather go with what you are currently using, that’s ok, we get it. Not everyone is comfortable with progress.

Programmatic, Automated and Killer Optimization

If Numbers Are Intoxicating, We’re Wasted.

We are in the age of data.  Any second-tier computer science student in a dorm room can run an optimization algorithm or three.  Having high-octane data partners, across the best inventory sources, matching to millions of devices in millions of households takes a little more than a few lines of Ajax.  

Multi-tiered optimization paths, intuitive prioritization and bespoke real-time “clean” data feeds require a mastery of data science, video workflows and physics that surprises even us when we look in the mirror every morning.


Silos Are For Cow Food, Not Video Data

VideoAmp’s DSP includes a proprietary user graph that seamlessly connects digital video and TV data to high-quality inventory, enabling true cross-screen planning. Forget the siloed approach to video. VideoAmp’s console provides seamless forecasting capabilities and gives you complete control over audiences, screens and inventory sans downloading huge files and complicated workflows.

Direct & Guaranteed Buys

We Buy in All Ways

Premium video in digital is in short supply. Inventory is limited and demand is high.  When inventory is limited you have to be open to all types of transactional opportunities. VideoAmp allows for seamless tracking across any buying methodology, direct, header-bidding or private.

Connection to Linear

Remember That Line Between Linear and Digital? We Removed It.

  • Target audiences based on their TV consumption

  • Drive Tune-In

  • Measure the deduplicated reach and frequency across the linear and TV ecosystems

  • Attribute exposure across all screens in driving sales or key engagements