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Cross-Screen Planning

Use our cross-screen planning platform with any first or third party audience segments to holistically plan and optimize your linear TV and digital media investments.

Holistically Plan & Allocate Investment Across TV and Video

Use our intuitive planning software and cross-screen audience data to research past and plan new linear TV and digital video buys.

Use Historical Performance Data & Benchmarks To Refine Strategy

Run multiple forecasts to determine optimal placements and easily calculate the diminishing point of return for budget distribution against goals.

Automate Workflow in a Streamlined User Interface

Free your team to do higher order tasks and avoid manual errors; get trackable and transparent performance reporting.

Our Intuitive, Point-and-Click Software Makes It Easy To…

  • Budget/impression filling: Visualize the full threshold of spend available and use powerful planning algorithms to optimize for the ideal placement across all screens, networks and inventory types
  • Performance forecasting: Immediately see the impact of various choices against predefined goals such as reach, CPM, GRP and ROAS, and easily gauge the diminishing point of return
  • Inventory discovery: Easily identify new, high-performing inventory while filtering for advertiser audiences on screens and connected devices that may not have been originally imagined