Smart TV
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Cross-Screen Measurement

Holistically measure deduplicated reach and frequency across all TV and digital environments with any first or third party audience to improve performance and efficiency.

See Your Holistic Spend

Finally understand where your brand investment is going, where it is best performing, and where it is being wasted, across your entire portfolio of advertising spend.

Understand Your Audience

See your deduplicated reach and frequency at the impression level across linear and connected TV, OTT and all digital environments, including web, app, search and social.

Improve Attribution, Strategy & Investment

Use your first party data and cross-screen audience insights to attribute spend, refine investment strategy and increase both efficacy and efficiency across TV and digital media buys.

Our Intuitive, Point-and-Click Software Makes It Easy To…

  • Measure online and offline conversion, including foot traffic and in-store sales
  • Holistically evaluate the cost-effectiveness and efficiency of your media investments
  • Determine which audiences, from both linear and digital perspectives, are being either under- or over-exposed
  • Find pockets of buying opportunities across digital and TV content, audiences, and inventory partners