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Every day I learn something new.  I'm inspired by those around me.  I believe in our products and the value we provide. Everyday we are challenged.  We constantly improve. We have integrity.  It's the dream. VideoAmp.

Carly Benson
Sales Director

Since 2014, VideoAmp has given me so many opportunities to grow my skill set, techniques and processes as well as learn new ones. With Design at VideoAmp, I feel like we're doing something meaningful which motivates me to do more.

Kaleho Naki
Principal Designer

Undoubtedly one of the most challenging and inspiring places I've worked in my 12+ year career.  VideoAmp is a group of sharp people making significant, measurable impact for the betterment of the organization and ultimately for the return of our clients' marketing budgets.

Branden Roberts
Sr. Director, Finance

With a focus on culture and empowerment, we all have the freedom to be impactful, create value, and pursue a meaningful career in a fast growing space. I start every day energized by the people around me and excited for the challenges ahead.

Eric Lakich
VP of Engineering
our Perks


Regular Team Bonding Events

As appropriate and budget availability, have fun and enjoy time with your co-workers outside of work.

Monthly All Employee Lunch & Learn

Monthly employee development sessions focused around better communication and teamwork, developing a growth mindset and business acumen

New Hire Buddies

Opportunity for new hires to link up with Vampers

Referral Bonus

Great people know other great people. Recommend an employee that stays onboard for more than 3 months, and you'll get a sweet stipend of $2,500.00. It's a token of our appreciation for serving both VideoAmp and the person you refer.

Epic Adventures

Adventure is a great way to stay physically active and experience fun together as a team. It’s also a great opportunity to refresh our minds and bodies.

Stretch Goals Encouraged

There’s always room for improvement. We encourage and support your goals outside of your job responsibilities so you can push yourself to the next level.


Employer Paid Health Insurance

VideoAmp currently covers 75-100% of medical, vision and dental for all employees and dependents so you can crush it at work and in life. Including immediate family.

Annual Family Vacation Stipend

VideoAmp believes in quality family time and each VideoAmp employee will get $2,000 each year for family vacation.

Unlimited PTO

VideoAmp wants you to enjoy life to its fullest. That’s why we require you to take a minimum of 2 weeks off for your non-negotiables.


A newborn child needs extra love and nurturing. VideoAmp honors your commitment to being a good parent by giving you extra time off (8 weeks for primary caregivers, 4 weeks secondary caregivers) to take care of your family. Policy varies by location. This is CA policy.

Babysitter funds

We provide $100/month to support babysitting responsibilities. This is a taxable benefit and the $100 per month is pretax

Pet Sitting funds

We provide $100/month to support pet sitting responsibilities. This is a taxable benefit and the $100 per month is pretax


Unlimited Personal Training

Healthy body equals healthy mind. Our team of on-site personal trainers will help you achieve both. Learn the most efficient techniques to make you feel better, boost your energy, obtain superhuman strength.


There are no set hours. VideoAmp supports a results-only work environment. As long as the work gets done, we want to give you as much freedom as possible.


Choose from several customizable, fresh, healthy, super-bomb meal plan options that fit seamlessly into your lifestyle. VideoAmp subsidizes multiple options of high-performance, chef-crafted meals that are delivered fresh, delicious and ready-to-eat.

FItness Challenges

Organized fitness challenges to help achieve the best healthy you.


Everyone Has Equity

VideoAmp provides all of our people with equity in the company.

Anonymous Surveys

These surveys help keep VideoAmp honest about how well our company culture is doing and areas that need improvement. We openly share the lowest scores for a transparent discussion on how we can be an even better place to work.

Transformational Workshop Scholarships

VideoAmp is a huge proponent of growth and progress. We offer scholarships for transformative seminars to help you obtain a more successful and fulfilling career.

Our Jobs
The Vibe

We attract and retain high performers that want to challenge legacy paradigms, take ownership, and try new things. We know that the work we do will challenge their intellects, test their creativity, and be almost all consuming in intensity. That’s why our programs are about helping our colleagues meet their personal goals around wellbeing, fulfillment and joy as they explore new challenges and acquire new skills.