NCAA March Madness Exemplifies the Need for the Convergence of Linear and Cross-Screen Advertising & Measurement

March 13, 2018

What does it mean for advertisers that this year’s NCAA March Madness is to Reach 16 Platforms? It means more opportunity — especially in-app mobile, desktop streaming, and across OTT — but it also means an increasingly murky environment for advertisers when it comes to measurement, attribution, and understanding the true value and ROI of a cross-screen, cross-device campaigns.

As shown by the Pyeongchang Olympics, with the proliferation of ways to watch live events also comes the increased difficulty to accurately measure the viewership, and furthermore what audiences were tuned in. Advertisers are faced with having to guess where to allocate their budgets across channels, and afterwards must cobble together fragmented measurement and performance reports that hardly offer a crystal clear, complete picture. TV Programmers are paying billions to have the rights to distribute all this amazing live content, and have also created brilliant app and fan experiences, all of this investment needs to be monetized and measured effectively.

Jay Prasad, Chief Strategy Officer at VideoAmp

“This fragmented distribution and unpredictable consumption pattern for live events such as March Madness is the new normal,” said Jay Prasad, Chief Strategy Officer, VideoAmp.

“Advertisers need to be armed with a strategic and streamlined approach to planning their linear and digital buys together, as well as a measurement solution that measures at the impression level across all playback formats and the de-duplicated reach of the entire campaign.”

While market researchers and media consultants try to arm advertisers with pre-event surveys, these good faith efforts represent self-reported guesstimates at best. Especially when talking about college students and college sports fans, the reality is that people will seek the best possible screen for wherever they happen to be at the time.

With linear TV tune-in for live events shrinking — as we also saw with the 2018 Oscars — now is the time for a holistic solution that helps advertisers plan, buy and measure all TV and video. After all, consumers flow across linear and digital screens with ease. Why can’t advertising buyers do the same?

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